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Extra precautions due to COVID-19 will be in place including:

1. Only one group in the facility at a time, maximum 8 people.
2. By reservation only.  No walk-ins.
3. Intensive facility sanitizing between groups.
4. Staff will wear masks and maintain social distancing from guests.
5. Prepaid online bookings only to avoid money/card handling.
6. Guests will complete a verbal symptom check prior to entering the building.
7. Disposable gloves and hand sanitizer will be provided for all guests.
8. Family/household groups up to 8 people OR 2 unrelated people (date night?) per room.

It was a challenging, fun and well thought out adventure. The staff was accommodating, helpful and knowledgeable.
— Shane Y.

The Adventure Begins at Rolla's First Ever Escape Room,

Great Xscape!

Two unique Xscape rooms to challenge your puzzle solving abilities.
And, introducing Nate's Night Out Murder Mystery Room!
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Nate’s Night Out Murder Mysteries (NOT an Escape Room)

Your team of special investigative agents has been assigned to solve a murder case.  You have up to two hours near the murder site to sort through multiple suspects and an abundance of evidence. You’ll need a wide range of deductive reasoning skills to be successful.
We had a great time! Perfect for all ages! Highly recommend!
— Lindsey G.

The Hunter's Cabin

You've been training to become a hunter - to be able to survive anything that might come after you - and you've come to The Hunter's Cabin for your final test.  This cabin has been a crossroad for many hunters passing through the woods at night and each one has left something behind.  Your task is to explore the histories and mysteries within; learn from your predecessors; and find the key that will allow you to leave your cabin in the woods as a fully fledged monster hunter.


The Detective

Location: New York City
Date: September 15, 1920
New York Police Department

Detectives- You have been called in to help us catch a notorious serial killer on the loose. 3 bodies have been found all over New York City. Each body has been found with an encrypted letter written to the New York City Cops. All clues point to the next murder occurring in exactly 60 minutes. Work Fast- We’re counting on you!!


Corporate Team Building Activity

Bring your associates to a fun, intriguing team-building activity!
You may book all rooms for the same time slot.
A professional synopsis of the experience will be delivered to your team leader after completion.

Duration varies • $25 per person
Book Now!
What a fun time! My group thoroughly enjoyed Great Xscape. Highly recommend this as a team building exercise or just for fun! Owners were friendly and very accommodating.
— Kathy W.